About this service

What can this tool?

You can use it to decode the content of a GS1 barcode. It will split the content into data components, translate the ID to a human readable text and if necessary convert the raw value to a human readable version.

And what are the limitations?

We do not lookup informations like Product Names or Producer Informations.
We currently do not check for the existence of a GS1 Symbol Identifier in DataBar, Composite, DataMatrix or QRCode barcodes.
That means that you can use this tool only to check the content of a GS1 barcode, but not if the barcode is a valid GS1 barcode.

What are those GS1 AIs?

An GS1 Application Identifiers (AI) is a prefix used to identify and separate multiple data components within a GS1 barcode. Examples for frequently used AIs are:
(01) to denote a GTIN,
(17) to denote Expiration date,
(10) to denote Lot number.
There are over 100 AI described in the GS1 specification.